Saturday, 8 October 2011

Think Different

The normal tendency for most people at work/home is to maintain the
status quo.  There are very few people out there who like change and even
fewer people who want to drive change.  However, in order to continuously
improve, we need to accept change and also drive it.

There may be a lot of processes in the work place which you follow
blindly, simply because they have been in place ever since you joined the
company.  Some of these processes may be good, but most of them may be a
pain to follow.  Some of the processes may not even be needed.  Always
remember that a process should support/facilitate the people involved and
it should not be that the people are supporting the process.  Whenever
you find that a process is not working out, discuss it with your manager,
come up with a better process and junk the old one.

Some people complain that they are always very busy in household work and
have very little time for anything else.  Maybe, they could use better
devices (better washing m/c, vacuum cleaner, vegetable cutting tools etc)
to make their work faster or to automate their work.  If you take a lot
of time to commute from your home to the office, maybe there is a shorter
route. If you are facing a problem of water shortage, then you could
probably collect rain water in buckets whenever it rains and use it for
some of your household tasks (learnt this from my mother). Always seek
out solutions, try to find better ways to do what you are already doing. 
There almost always is a better way.

On a side note, Apple's "Think Different" ad campaign in the late 1990s
was one of the most effective of all time.  It stimulated innovation and
reinvention, which is what Apple, today, is all about.