Saturday, 8 October 2011

Think Different

The normal tendency for most people at work/home is to maintain the
status quo.  There are very few people out there who like change and even
fewer people who want to drive change.  However, in order to continuously
improve, we need to accept change and also drive it.

There may be a lot of processes in the work place which you follow
blindly, simply because they have been in place ever since you joined the
company.  Some of these processes may be good, but most of them may be a
pain to follow.  Some of the processes may not even be needed.  Always
remember that a process should support/facilitate the people involved and
it should not be that the people are supporting the process.  Whenever
you find that a process is not working out, discuss it with your manager,
come up with a better process and junk the old one.

Some people complain that they are always very busy in household work and
have very little time for anything else.  Maybe, they could use better
devices (better washing m/c, vacuum cleaner, vegetable cutting tools etc)
to make their work faster or to automate their work.  If you take a lot
of time to commute from your home to the office, maybe there is a shorter
route. If you are facing a problem of water shortage, then you could
probably collect rain water in buckets whenever it rains and use it for
some of your household tasks (learnt this from my mother). Always seek
out solutions, try to find better ways to do what you are already doing. 
There almost always is a better way.

On a side note, Apple's "Think Different" ad campaign in the late 1990s
was one of the most effective of all time.  It stimulated innovation and
reinvention, which is what Apple, today, is all about.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

OOH (Out Of Home) Consumption

OOH - Sounds more like a chemical formula, doesn't it?  Probably reminds us of our chemistry classes, when all we had in our minds was H2O, H2SO4, HCl etc.
Actually, OOH stands for "Out Of Home" consumption.  In the modern day, we spend most of our time outside of our home than in it.  A study says that "Consumers spend 25% more time out of their homes than 10 years ago".  Once we're outside our home, we spend money on a whole lot of things, especially food.  This very behavior of ours is being targeted by the companies in the food space.  They know that in case of most of today's couples, both husband and wife go to work.  In a lot of cases, there is no time for either wife or husband to cook food at home (at least that's what they tell you).  So, they prefer to eat outside.  Once you are outside, there are a whole variety of options to consume food.  You can either grab a piece of pizza, have idli/vada at a local Darshini, have some street side food, have coffee & snacks at Cafe Coffee Day etc.  Doing this on a regular basis is only going to spoil your health.  But, do we really care?
Eating out has become a fancy for some and a necessity for others.  Eating out once in a while is fine, but if it becomes your mainstay, then it is a problem.  It is a problem for your health but a boon for the companies, hotels etc involved in the food business.  These are booming times for them & they are making the most of it.
So, how much are you contributing to OOH consumption?

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Do one thing well

Some people are quality conscious, no matter what the work they are doing.  Whether the task is personal or professional, small or big, they do it well.  Being focused is really important to them.  No matter what the task they do, they give it their full attention.  They move from one task to the next, only when they are sure that the current one has been done properly.  They can multi-task as well, but they make sure they don't have too much on their plate, so that the quality of any of their tasks doesn't get affected.  You will find that people like these, even if they are writing a small email, make sure that it is upto the mark.  Even if they have to give a small gift to somebody, they will put it in a nice gift wrapper & also make sure that the gift is something nice/meaningful for the receiver.

On the other hand, you have people who try to do too many things at the same time.  As a result, the quality of their work diminishes, even though they seem to have their head in a lot of things.  They feel it is better to be involved in a whole lot of things, even though the quality of the work that they deliver is questionable most of the times.  If they are not part of something, they feel left out & hence they try to be in everything, but don't really contribute much to anything.  These people need to realise that you can't do everything in life.  It is better to take a chill pill and start by learning to do one thing well.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

'Talk'ers vs 'Do'ers

Is this the age of 'Talk'ers?
That is, people who can talk their way through anything and everything.

Talkers category:
We tend to get influenced by people who talk well and ignore people who actually do the
job.  Especially in a corporate environment, you find people who talk well, communicate well, but do not essentially do good work.  But it is people like these who tend to get noticed & tend to go higher up the ladder.  They can often take credit for good work done by others.  This category gives the impression that they know everything but when you actually make them do something, they come a cropper.

These people are also adept at transferring work that they do not like to other
unsuspecting victims. :)

Doers category:
On the other hand, you find people, who are really good at their work, do their job
silently and stay in the background.  Some of these people are not good communicators.  So, even if they do a good job, they are not able to communicate the same to their colleagues or superiors.  They are given more and more work and very little appreciation.  You will also find people who do good work but they do not necessarily like to talk about their work.  They may actually be good communicators but they do not like unnecessary publicity.  Even people like these tend to suffer in their careers.

(Talkers + Doers) category:
The best of the best belong to this category.  These people do a good job & also
communicate well with their colleagues & superiors.  This is the best category to be in
today's corporate world.

So, to which category do you belong???

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Dogs and Us

Our pet Milo (a huge German Shepherd), is the inspiration for my very first blog post. 

Having seen Milo in action for quite some years now, I have noticed some interesting differences between his behaviour & us humans.  I am assuming here that Milo represents the entire race of dogs on the planet :)

In today's busy world, we humans do not seem to have the time to appreciate, acknowledge, or thank the people who do so much for us.  For example, today's youth do not seem to care how much their parents do for them.  They are more busy liking something on Facebook or Tweeting away.  If any of our really good/genuine friends emails us or calls us up we do not have time for them, but we do have the time for watching some inane/mundane television show.  If somebody does us a favour, we do not have the time to acknowledge it (we take it for granted).  On the other hand, if we do something good to anybody, we expect some appreciation/acknowledgement from them instantly.

Quite contrary to the above is the behaviour of Milo.  Normally, its Dad at home, who feeds Milo.  Once Milo has had his food, he immediately comes to Dad & licks his feet or hands, thus showing his appreciation.  Once when Dad & Mom were out of station, I had to take up the resonsibility of feeding Milo & he showed me the same love & affection.

There was also a stage when Milo wouldn't consume food unless one of the family members sat down beside him (He needed company, folks).

Similarly if anybody comes home & if Milo has met them previously then he'll go near them, smell them & lick them.  And it doesn't matter what time my brother (Milo's boss) comes back from office, Milo is always ready to jump on him & greet him. 

It is this unconditional love from Milo that is missing from us humans today.  Anything we do, seems to come with certain riders or expectations.
Will we change?